Sliding Drawer Jewelry Boxes

Custom Logo Sliding Drawer Jewelry Boxes Wholesale

Wholesale Personalised Jewellery Boxes Directly From Factory With Cheapest Prices.Get the best prices on sliding drawer jewelry boxes and paper bags. We ship drawer jewelry boxes to any location from our factory in Turkey.

  • High Quality : No Deformations – 2mm Thick Cardboard Support
  • Material Options: Leather, PU Leather , Paper , Velvet
  • Custom Logo Support : Yes – Our Designers Can Modify Slightly Your Logo In Case You Need
  • Colour Options : Wide Range of Colors Available
  • Logo Print : Offset and Hot Stamp Options
  • Sponge Colour : Black – White – Custom
  • Sponge Cut Options : Multiple Sponge Cut Variations
  • Usage For : Necklace Box, Ring Box , Jewellery Shops, Bijou, Bijouterie, Cosmetics
  • Manufacturer : Alfa Gold Box – Istanbul, Turkey
  • Delivered To : Anywhere and With Really Cheap Shipping Fee
  • Cheapest Prices for High Quality Drawer Jewelry Boxes

Custom Jewelry Boxes With Your Logo Wholesale

Our custom boxes for jewellery are with cheapest possible prices and delivered anywhere around globe from our factory with 60 personels in Turkey. Alfa Gold Box’s personalized jewelry boxes are an excellent product to invest in. Custom Boxes For Jewellery that we produce will be an everlasting promotional item which will bring customers back to your store each time they need something new.Alfa Gold Box provides an exclusive line of jewellery boxes, pouches and all-in-one jewel cases that are designed to meet the needs of anyone looking to organise their personal belongings or store cherished items. If you want your brand to reach more people, whether it’s for promotions or just as a token of appreciation, custom logo personalised jewelry box is the best choice for you! Our Custom Boxes For Jewellery are produced from highest quality materials.

Buy Bulk Jewelry Boxes Personalised With Your Brand Directly From Factory

Purchase personalized bulk jewelry boxes bearing your brand directly from the factory. Enjoy the advantages of customized, high-quality packaging for your jewelry products, all while cutting out the middleman and sourcing directly from the manufacturer in Turkey. Special discounts, fast lead time and easy paperworks – for all your jewelry packaging solutions Alfa Gold Box. We produce not only jewellery boxes but also luxury paper bags and the pouches, contact us.

Why Buy Jewelry Box?

  • To Store Your Products More Organized
  • Enhance Your Brand Awareness With Your Personal Logo
  • Add Luxurious Feel and Value To Your Jewelry
  • Eco Friendly Recyclable Jewelry Boxes
  • Be Different Than Your Competitors As a Jewelry Store
  • Multiple Material Options like Paper Jewelry Boxes, Magnetic Jewelry Boxes, Velvet Jewelry Boxes, PU Leather Jewelry Boxes, Leatherette Jewelry Boxes, Leather Jewelry Boxes
  • Custom Designed Personally For You and Your Audience
  • Cheap Wholesale Prices
  • Delivery To Anywhere Globally

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