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October 2021 İstanbul Jewellery Show

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Alfa Gold Box Jewellery Boxes and Paper Bags

About Us

Alfa Gold Box Jewellery Boxes and Paper Bags, Jewellery Packaging Company , founded since 2006 and maintains its activities in Turkey and abroad. We desire to provide our customers the widest variety of jewelry packaging solutions. Paired with our years of exporting experience, we provide each and every customer personalized jewellery boxes and paper bags. Firstly we want to give the best prices and quality for your brand. We have grown to become one of the largest manufacturer/exporter in Turkey. Additionally our product range includes a full collection of packaging materials. Such as paper, suede cloth, leather and leatherette box or paper bags to make more options for our customers needs. Alfa Gold Box stands out for its pursue of constant growth and learning, its trustworthiness.

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Jewellery Packaging - Manufacturer of Jewellers Box and Paper Bag

Our values

We care about developing our brand and business strategies for jewellery boxes industry. That’s why we embrace these values.

– Be passionate and determined
– Pursue growth and learning
– Build a positive team and family spirit
– Embrace and drive change
– Adopt honesty as a philosophy of business
– Be customer oriented

Our mission

We especially believe that luxury and beauty can impress even more with the accurate packaging choices. Therefore we attach importance to quality and variety and we continue to grow to provide our customers with the best jewellery boxes and paper bags service.

Our vision

We aim to become one of the few respected jewelry packaging companies in the world. For this reason our first priority is to provide the best prices and quality for our customers who want to improve their brand to be ahead of the developing and competitive jewellery industry,.

As an Alfa Gold Box Jewellery Boxes and Paper Bags family, we continue to make jewelry packaging solutions for thousands of customers more than 50 countries.

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